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In negotiations, fear of loss is 4x greater than desire for gain

Think about that for a second. It's no wonder so many people shy away from negotiating, even when failing to negotiate can cost thousands in lost sales, lost profits, lost salary and missed opportunities.  


Rather than avoiding negotiations, a healthier practice would be to embrace negotiating.  Assume everything about your work life is negotiable.  You just may be surprised at what you find:  when you stop accepting the status quo, all kinds of new opportunities will appear!


Janna has over 30 years of successful negotiating experience, from complex contracts in a global corporate environment to real estate transactions to simple “garage sale haggling”.  


She continually hones her skills with courses and webinars; in fact, she was one of the first 150 licensed realtors in the US to earn the Master Certified Negotiation Expert designation in 2012.  Her negotiating motto is “You’ll never know unless you ask!”

There is no box-create new rules in negotiations
Skills Development


Negotiation Workshops are tailored to the experience level of the participants. Novices learn to break down the negotiation process to take the emotion, mystery and fear out of negotiating. Seasoned negotiators benefit by putting structure around a familiar process.


All participants learn how to

  • Anticipate the other's attitudes and actions

  • De-personalize the process

  • Recognize common tactics

  • Increase the odds of a win/win

  • Know when to take a break

  • Know when to walk away

All workshops are customized to client needs. Participants work through real-life scenarios so they are better prepared to succeed at negotiations immediately upon walking out the door.

What Clients Are Saying

“As a novice negotiator, Janna’s workshop took the fear and emotion out of negotiating. Using her methodical approach, I feel much more confident when negotiating with attorneys and trustees, both of whom have intimidated me in the past.”


“I have been successfully negotiating since Janna was just a kid, so I thought attending her workshop would be a waste of my time. But was I ever wrong! Even though she’s a subject matter expert, Janna conducts her workshops with disarming humility that warms up even old guys like me. Her presentations are very interactive, not lectures at all – and she is very open to input and experiences of others. Refreshing!”



Outsourced Negotiations


Sometimes small business owners just run out of bandwidth.  You know a negotiation is important, but you simply can’t give it the attention it deserves. Other times, the issue is sensitive, and emotions are running high.


If you have

  • Limited time or resources

  • A sensitive or emotional situation

Janna can help by

  • Coaching you through the negotiation process, or

  • Negotiate on your behalf


Past client experience has shown that having an outside representative often neutralizes some of the emotion and roadblocks that often accompany sensitive issues.  

What Clients Are Saying


“I'm a business owner who negotiates for a living, so I take great pride in my negotiating skills. However, there are times when a vendor or potential client pushes my buttons or I simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the situation tactfully. At these times, I turn to Janna for assistance. She asks questions that help me to net out my real concerns and priorities, and together we decide if I will proceed or if she will take the lead in negotiating. Her level-headed approach and strong communication skills make her a powerful - and invaluable - intermediary.”

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