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Bridging the Gap Between Concept and Execution 
Facilitation bridges the gap between concept and execution

fa·cil·i·tate  - /fəˈsiliˌtāt/  - to make easy or easier, make possible, smooth the progress 


The role of a business facilitator is to make it easier for a group to arrive at its own decision, answer or deliverable.  


In a training role or a strategy session, a facilitator presents ideas, encourages input and participation, promotes understanding and cultivates shared responsibility.  Sometimes the facilitator is a subject matter expert; other times, she simply keeps the participants on track. Very often, she pushes you outside your comfort zone.


In a tactical role, a facilitator’s role is to simply get the job done. 

Group Facilitation


Have you ever sent your employees to training and wondered why it doesn’t seem to “take”?  Have you wondered why people pick back up where they left off, as if the training never occurred? This happens when the training they received did not bridge the gap between classroom theory and practical application.


Janna develops and delivers tailored interactive workshops that actively engage the participants.  Never off-the shelf, her sessions always involve pre-work and follow-up commitments. 


Janna has many years of practical experience facilitating sessions on the following topics:


  • Conflict Management

  • Negotiations

  • Business Planning

  • Event-specific tactical marketing (trade shows, conferences)

  • Consultative Sales Strategies/Tactics

  • Leadership Development

  • Interpersonal (DiSC, Seven Habits, 360 Evaluations, Fascination Advantage, others)

  • Professionalism (forms, cover letters, Executive Summaries, etc.)


There are no hypothetical case studies; participants work on their own scenarios in a workshop setting. Participants buy into the process and internalize the material because they participated in creating it!   

Group Facilitation-Tactical Execution
What Clients are Saying

“Janna uncovers where organizations want to go, takes a snapshot of where they are currently, and takes aggressive positive steps in the desired direction.  She facilitates group sessions or tactically executes projects for you.  If “git ‘er dun” could be used as a professional tagline, she should use it, as it absolutely describes the way she tackles her projects.”


“Janna has an uncanny vision and intuition to see through the “stuff” that bogs down companies. She pulls all the pieces together to develop a coherent plan, and then executes that plan.”


“She can focus a lens on a great idea, and then work out the nuts and bolts of making that idea a reality.”

Tactical Execution


The best strategies are nothing more than ideas unless they are followed up with action.  When strategies are set with clients, Janna works to mobilize internal resources and vendors to implement them.   If no one available or able, she facilitates the plan for you. 

Tactical execution can involve:

  • Performing Client or Employee Surveys

  • Negotiating with vendors on your behalf

  • Acting as technical liaison in IT matters

  • Creating and communicating process flowcharts and checklists

  • Following up with vendors or personnel as needed 

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