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Marketing Solutions

Connecting Inside Reality with Outside Perception
Does your inside reality match outside perception?

Have you built something great, but no one knows?  Or does what you deliver fall short of client expectations?  If so, there's a disconnect between your Inside Reality and Outside Perception.


Your Inside Reality is everything about your business that makes it unique:  your people, processes, systems, the products and services that you sell.  Your Outside Perception is what the public believes to be true about your company.  Unfortunately for most businesses, these two sides don’t match up.


This causes your prospects to become confused:  they can’t tell who’s any better, who’s any worse, or who’s any different than anyone else.  So they make buying decisions based on the one thing they do understand – and that is price.


At Ignite Business Services, we help our clients connect the dots between Inside Reality and Outside Perception.  We help you show the world what truly makes you different - and better! - than your competitors.  And because what you tell the world is what your employees also hear, our constant goal is to make sure everyone - clients, employees, you! -  get what they thought they were getting from your company.  

High-Level Strategic Marketing


Before you start any marketing activity, you have to know why you are doing it. 

  • What does success look like? 

  • Who are your best prospects? 

  • What do they need (and want) to know to make the best decision? 

  • Where do their interests intersect with yours? 

  • How do you translate your marketing activities into eventual sales and revenue?


Janna’s clients receive specific recommendations for marketing initiatives based on

  • Your current business structure and strengths

  • Your client’s needs

  • Your competitive position in the market, and

  • Available budget. 


You won’t spin your wheels placing ads and printing brochures if those tactical activities do nothing to grow your business.  You will instead spend time on productive activities that get you and keep you in front of your ideal prospects.

Strategic-Tactical Marketing
What Clients Are Saying


“Janna has enhanced our organization’s image to clients by ferreting out our true differentiators and stating them clearly in all of our marketing materials. She calls this “no-spin marketing” because it accurately describes what we do. I call it “brilliant” because our clients know what to expect and they get it!"


“Before every big trade show, we schedule a session with Janna. She helps us break down our goals and objectives for each show, gets us focused on our prospects (instead of ourselves), and helps us communicate in bite-sized pieces that pique our prospects’ interest. After the show, our prospects are always willing to take our calls because they want to know more about our company!” 

Tactical Marketing

From time to time, you will likely have a pressing project that prompts you to seek outside marketing assistance. Whatever it is, it needs immediate attention, and Ignite Business Services is here to help.


The project could be

  • Launching a website

  • Introducing a new product or service

  • Preparing for a trade show or networking event

  • Putting together an important presentation, or

  • Opening a new location


If internal innovation is required before you gain the competitive edge, Janna is the go-to person to drive results for you.

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