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Management Solutions

Management Solutions

Are you open to possibility? Consider the questions you are asking.

5 + 5 = ?     or     ? + ? = 10

Which problem stimulates the most incremental new thought and conversation?  
The one with only one answer?  Or the one with infinite answers? 


The way you ask a question determines the types of answers you receive.  When you have important decisions to make or tough issues to address, Janna Fain is the thought-provoking advisor you’ll be glad to have in your corner.  Whether you need a brainstorming session, or just a sounding board, someone neutral to bounce ideas off of, Janna lends a tactful and sensitive ear.  And she has a knack for asking questions that help you get to the answers that often are already inside you.


Leadership Development


There's no doubt about it: leadership is a challenging, constantly-evolving role. True leaders start by setting direction, end by saying "thank you", and in between are servants.


Janna is a fantastic resource when your organization wants to:

  • Improve communication

  • Increase transparency

  • Fine-tune management skills or

  • Develop new leaders


With warmth, diplomacy and humor, she always facilitates within the context of meeting your business goals. 


Whether you need customized employee evaluations, behavior profiles, or other insightful, self-exploration tools, she delivers.  


Contact Ignite today to raise the bar in your organization!

Employee Development


Attracting, hiring and retaining good employees can be problematic for small businesses.  That's because most employees wear many hats, making it difficult to define the job functions, much less the skill set required to fulfill those functions. 


Janna has a strong background in matrix managing complex organizations with cross-functional teams and projects.  (In plain English, that means she was responsible for individuals who did not report to her but who worked on a project she was managing).  So when it’s time to make employment decisions, you can look to her expertise in:


  • Fine-tuning job descriptions

  • Determining the best type of person for the job

  • Developing interview questions so you can accurately and objectively analyze and contrast applicants

  • Determining the metrics to measure performance

  • Retaining strong employees by keeping them engaged and interested

  • Motivating employees through incentives, task force involvement, or streamlined processes

  • Communicating expectations, salary adjustments, and other touchy topics

Informal Consultations


“Say what you need to say.  We can clean it up later if we need to.” – Janna Fain, to employees, co-workers, clients


Sometimes business leaders just need to talk, to vent, to air out some ideas that have been keeping them up at night. That’s when it’s time to pick up the phone and give Janna a call. There is no “meter”, and she is always discrete. She understands that sometimes things don’t sound so pretty until they’ve been discussed. So talk away – she’s all ears – and questions! 


After an introductory discussion, you can mutually agree on a fixed consultation price for continued discussions if needed.

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